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15th Line in Woodstock, Ontario


This house was located on the 15th Line (43.209141,-80.745743) in Woodstock, Ontario. It’s since been demolished. My family decided to accompany me to see what I do when I go exploring. They watched from the road as I went inside and took photographs. It’s nice when your family takes an interest in what you do…

Woodstock General Hospital

Woodstock General Hospital

Following several typhoid epidemics and six years of debate, the Woodstock General Hospital was opened in 1895 and was situated on a hill between Riddell and Wellington Streets in the Town of Woodstock. The original hospital contained a small operating room and thirty patient beds. In 1924 the West Wing was added to the property,…

The Iron Grill in Woodstock

The Iron Grill Woodstock

The Town and Country Restaurant began as a classy eatery that was popular among Woodstock residents.The business later changed owners and renamed to the Iron Grill. The last change in ownership occurred in September of 2007 when Toronto businessman Umakanth Nadarajah purchased the business for approximately $1 million dollars. Flooding at the Iron Grill during…

Murray Mansion Woodstock

Murray Mansion Woodstock Ontario

A large house in Woodstock with a three car garage and a loft above. There’s a yucky inground pool out back. Apparently the house was owned by a man named Dan Murray, an auctioneer who lived in the house with his wife Shirley and their two children. In 2011, Dan passed away. The house was…

Abandoned Firestone Textiles Factory in Woodstock Ontario

Firestone Cotton Mills of Canada began operations in 1936 in a building purchased from the Oxford Knitting Mills in Woodstock, Ontario. The building was known as Plant Number 1, located at the corner of Oxford and Ingersoll Streets. Plant #1 manufactured cotton for tire cord cotton reinforced tires. The cotton was used until the 1940’s…

Abandoned Oxford County Abandoned Drive In

Oxford Drive In

The Oxford Drive In is located along Highway 2 between London and Woodstock. It began in 1949 when a Mr. Summerhayes from Brantford wanted to find suitable land upon which to build a drive-in theatre. He purchased land belonging to Mr. German for an amount of $3,000 and began construction of his drive in theatre….