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Abandoned Houses | September 5, 2021

15th Line in Woodstock, Ontario

This house was located on the 15th Line (43.209141,-80.745743) in Woodstock, Ontario. It’s since been demolished. My family decided to accompany me to see what I do when I go […]

Hospitals | February 28, 2021

Woodstock General Hospital

Following several typhoid epidemics and six years of debate, the Woodstock General Hospital was opened in 1895 and was situated on a hill between Riddell and Wellington Streets in the […]

Commercial Property | December 30, 2020

The Iron Grill in Woodstock

The Town and Country Restaurant began as a classy eatery that was popular among Woodstock residents. The business later changed owners and renamed to the Iron Grill. The last change […]

Abandoned Houses | August 25, 2020

Murray Mansion Woodstock

A large house in Woodstock with a three car garage and a loft above. There’s a yucky inground pool out back. Apparently the house was owned by a man named […]

Industrial Locations | April 10, 2020

Abandoned Oxford County Abandoned Drive In

The Oxford Drive In is located along Highway 2 between London and Woodstock. It began in 1949 when a Mr. Summerhayes from Brantford wanted to find suitable land upon which […]