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Abandoned Houses | June 8, 2021

$5.7 Million Toronto Tiki Bar House

In 1968, a Jewish businessman named Stan founded a company in the State of New York. Stan’s company sold sealants used for roofing, pools and various construction purposes. The company […]

Abandoned Houses | December 11, 2020

$6 Million Dollar Burlington Waterfront House

This southern Ontario property is listed at over $6 million dollars. The property value is in striking contrast to the condition of the house, until you notice the surrounding luxury […]

Mansions & Luxury | December 4, 2020

$2.7 Million Abandoned House w/Indoor Pool

This house is located not far from the GTA area. It features three garages, four bedrooms, five bathrooms and a basement recreation room with bar area. In the eastern side […]

Mansions & Luxury | December 1, 2020

$5.5 Million Gutted Toronto Mansion

This property was nominated for a Heritage Property Designation in November of 2018. When the property was sold in June of 2019, an application was made to demolish the property […]

Mansions & Luxury | October 18, 2020

Toronto Mansion With Three Kitchens

This property has not one, not two but three kitchens in it. It’s possible that this was a home designed for multiple tenants or family. Some of the features are […]

Commercial Property | October 6, 2020

Captain John’s Restaurant Toronto

A man with a dream versus the city of Toronto who were determined to sink it. Ivan Letnik was born in the republic of Slovenia, in a country of uprising […]

Abandoned Houses | July 24, 2020

Abandoned GTA Heritage Property with Electricity

This location is a nineteenth century two-storey rural farm house. The front has a three-bay front facade and a double door entrance. At one time this house would have beamed […]

Abandoned Houses | July 17, 2020

1960’s Basement Bar House

This is another of the many Toronto houses that have become vacant due to their aging interiors. For the urban explorer however these are terrific finds. The basement bar is […]

Mansions & Luxury | June 16, 2020

Abandoned Black Staircase House in Toronto, Ontario

This house is another of the dozens of Toronto area properties that developers plan to demolish and construct new housing upon. The house is four bedrooms and bathrooms and was […]