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Abandoned Houses | June 22, 2021

The Bull Monty

As fate would have it on this day of exploring, the two most sought locations were locked up. At the same time, fate also decided to hand us several random […]

Abandoned Houses | December 17, 2020

Abandoned Richmond Hill Castle Mansion

The street on which this house can be found, has at least five houses designated to be demolished. This is southern Ontario development, where no property is safe from the […]

Time Capsule | October 6, 2020

1968 Country Time Capsule House

This house is one of the top abandoned locations I ever had the privilege of exploring in Ontario. It was shared with me by a photographer known as The Secret […]

Abandoned Houses | October 6, 2020

War Still On House (London, Ontario)

This was the home of Helen Dickie of London. Helen was a fan of horses and rode them well in to her 80’s. When she passed away on May 8, […]

Time Capsule | September 24, 2020

Lover’s Getaway (Sexy Retreat)

The way into this property is overgrown, so much so that it’s not likely many people would stop to investigate what lies beyond the entrance. For those who do venture […]

Time Capsule | September 10, 2020

Messy Yard Time Capsule House

This isn’t quite a time capsule house but it does have most of the possessions left inside it, in a messy state. The living room has several boxes of personal […]

Mansions & Luxury | August 27, 2020

Potatoe Farmer’s Time Capsule House

This beautiful time capsule is deceiving to look at. From the exterior it’s entirely boarded up – including the doors. You’d expect the inside to be quite dark, and boring. […]

Mansions & Luxury | August 25, 2020

Everything Under Wraps Mansion

This location was a bit of a mystery. Inside, the furnishings had been wrapped up with tarps as if painting were taking place. The front entrance showed signs of water […]

Abandoned Houses | August 15, 2020

Black Mold Highway House

This house is located along a busy highway in Southern Ontario. It has a few interesting features such as the skeleton key locks, stairway railing and old Singer sewer. The […]

Abandoned Schools | July 22, 2020

Alderwood Collegiate Institute

Alderwood Collegiate Institute first opened on September 6, 1955. The Etobicoke Board of Education had intended to build a middle school on the property but due to swelling student numbers […]