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Absent Manor Time Capsule in Ontario

Located along a quiet rural road sits this gorgeous time capsule farm house. You wouldn’t know that there’s anything of interest inside, and would probably pass it by if you saw it along the side of the road. Inside is a completely untouched rural home with working electricity, and quilts on the made up beds….

Forgotten Homestead

This house is down the road from where the owner works. Rather than risk being caught, we talked over to ask him if we could look around. He agreed that we could. So while one of us was in view of him taking exteriors, the rest of us were taking interiors. Technically we were looking…

1934 House

This property is located west of Lucan at the end of a dead end road. There are old farming magazines that date back to the early 1900s.

Rural Farm House Time Capsule

This property is secluded from the road, down a long driveway. It looks more like a seasonal home than a year-round occupancy. It’s remained vacant for seven years now. There are antiques, beds are made and plenty of cobwebs. There are two antique sewing machines and antique furniture. It’s not known what happened to the…

Potatoe Farmer’s Time Capsule House

This beautiful time capsule is deceiving to look at. From the exterior it’s entirely boarded up – including the doors. You’d expect the inside to be quite dark, and boring. However by crawling through a small hole, we found ourselves in what is undoubtedly one of the best time capsules Ontario has to offer. The…

Black Mold Highway House

This house is located along a busy highway in Southern Ontario. It has a few interesting features such as the skeleton key locks, stairway railing and old Singer sewer. The most obvious feature, or hazard, is the obscene amount of black mold growing inside.    

A Horse With No Name

I found this abandoned Ontario farm house while on my way to another location to explore. After turning around for a better look, I noticed that the front door was wide open (as seen below). I explored the inside, finding a large screen television and antique Coke Cola cooler out in the barn. There was…