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Abandoned 1970’s Barber House of Glass

Abandoned Ontario House of Glass

This lovely old house belonged to Doris and Donald Barber, who lived in Guelph, Ontario. The Barber family began a painting and glazing store in 1883. Since that time, the family has expanded into custom glass, mirrors and antique glass. Doris began a business framing art (The Barber Gallery). There were three businesses operating under…

The Ontario Abandoned $6 Million Doctor’s Mansion


This property was once owned by Doctor Frank Van Bork. Frank and his wife Elisa came to Canada from Holland during the 1950’s. They settled down in Southern Ontario and started a family of three children. Frank ran a successful business that sold specialty lighting. His wife, Elisa, assisted him with the business which operated…

Desert Oasis Abandoned Ontario House

Desert Oasis Abandoned Ontario House

A vacant house in Southern Ontario with a mural of a desert scene painted in the dining room. There’s a large sun room in the back that overlooks the backyard in-ground pool. There’s no vandalism here, just some signs that the property may be used as an occasional drinking site.

1960’s Show – Abandoned Ontario Retro Bungalow

That'sShow AbandonedRetroBungalowinOntario

This home is located in a populated area of the GTA in Ontario. It’s situated in an area of new development and so the property is gold for developers. It currently sits in limbo with plans for a school to be constructed on the land. The house has had the same owners for over 40…

Abandoned Black Staircase House in Toronto, Ontario

Black Staircase Mansion Ontario Abandoned

This house is another of the dozens of Toronto area properties that developers plan to demolish and construct new housing upon. The house is four bedrooms and bathrooms and was built in 1972. An addition to the house was constructed in 1983. Inside the front entrance is a large spiral staircase and an eighteen foot…

On a Kiln Spree (Abandoned Sudbury Ceramic Store)

Abandoned Sudbury Ontario Ceramic Shop

This tired old building would be oblivious to most driver’s that pass it by. A curious explorer however, might stop to explore the rundown wooden structure. It’s located along a busy highway in the Sudbury area. You’d never suspect that inside is a treasure trove of forgotten pottery. In the right portion of the building…

St. Joseph’s Hospital in Sudbury Ontario

Abandoned St. Joseph's Hospital in Sudbury

During the early 20th century the Ontario government was not known to contribute substantially towards the cost of constructing or operating hospitals. In 1944 a group of physicians along with Bishop R.H. Dignan (Diocese of Sault Ste Marie) and Monsignor J.C. Humphrey (Christ the King Church) approached the Sisters of St. Joseph of Sault Ste…

Burgess Battery Factory in Niagara Falls

Abandoned Burgess Battery Factory Niagara Falls

The Burgess Battery Company was formed on March 2nd, 1917 by Dr. Charles Burgess, a professor at University of Wisconsin. The company was a subsidiary of C.F. Burgess Laboratories. Burgess was a chemical engineer who developed dry cell batteries commonly known today as A, B, C and D cell batteries. Burgess had also been working…

Niagara Falls Memorial Arena & Sand Sculpture Exhibit

Niagara Falls Memorial Arena and Abandoned Sand Sculpture Exhibit

The Niagara Falls Memorial Arena was constructed in 1950 with a capacity of holding 3,056 patrons. The first opening hockey game took place on January 27, 1950 which featured the Niagara Falls Cataracts playing against the Hamilton Aerovox (a 6-4 loss for Niagara by the way). Various hockey teams called the arena their home including…

The Abandoned Money House Ontario

creepy doll

The urban exploring community chooses to give locations names in an effort to be able to communicate and differentiate them in discussions. The reference for this abandoned house is simply the “Money House”, the reason for this will soon be explained. The house is located along a quiet rural road in an area where it’s…