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Abandoned Ontario – Assorted Places

Abandoned Ontario Doctor's Mansion

A bit of everything from my previous explorations in Ontario…  

Forgotten Homestead

forgotten homestead ontario

This house is down the road from where the owner works. Rather than risk being caught, we talked over to ask him if we could look around. He agreed that we could. So while one of us was in view of him taking exteriors, the rest of us were taking interiors. Technically we were looking…

Muskoka Sanitarium | Muskoka Regional Centre

muskoka sanitarium ontario abandoned

Sir WIlliam GageIn 1895, Sir William Gage and his associates wanted to establish the first tuberculosis sanitarium of it’s kind in Canada. After visiting TB sanitariums in Europe and America, the philanthropist Gage had an idea that Canada should have its own TB sanitarium. Gage, who grew up in Brampton, Ontario was the wealthy president…

Splendida Dimora Mansion

splendida dimora

At the time of my visit to this beautiful mansion in the Caledon area, this house was vacant. The start of my journey took a downward spiral as I slipped and fell in the muddy puddle at the start of the driveway. After wiping off my lens, I made my way to this house. It…

House of Stuffed Animals

Time Capsule Abandoned House of Stuffed Animals

Along a quiet rural road this house sits in silence. The occasional car is about the only sound you’ll hear. There are signs of water damage inside the house. There’s a certain absence, something’s missing, that would make this house have a lived in look to it. I can’t quite place it. The children’s bedroom…

The 1950s Decor Television House

This house is situated on an active street in Somewhere, Ontario. It was built in 1957. A single family has occupied the home for the entire time. They also didn’t change many of the design details, as you’ll see from the photos. The house features six bedrooms and four out-of-this-world retrolicious bathrooms. The house can…

Abandoned Ontario Villa Resort

Abandoned Ontario Villa Resort

The history of this piece of property dates back to the 19th century when a wealthy family of political background purchased this adjoining parcel of land to expand their estate. The families didn’t live on the additional property, but rather leased it out to tenants. The location was last used as a retreat that could…

Abandoned GTA Heritage Property with Electricity

abandoned GTA heritage property

This location is a nineteenth century two-storey rural farm house. The front has a three-bay front facade and a double door entrance. At one time this house would have beamed with pride and joy, but over the years the grass has grown, boards have gone up over the windows and the basement has flooded. Someone…

Abandoned Ontario Mushroom Dormitory

Abandoned Mushroom Dormitory in Ontario

This is an abandoned building in front of the Monaghan Mushroom Farm. The dormitory building was previously home to migrant workers who hailed primarily from Latin America. At least one room still has house rules in Spanish on the door. The main floor has numerous rooms. There is also a basement, which is in two…

No Place Like Dome

No Place Like Dome

An unusually shaped building that appears to have never been completed. There’s a second building on the property which wasn’t accessible during my first visit, but has since been opened. There’s really not much more to be said about No Place Like Dome. 🙂