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Donatello’s Demise $15 Million Mansion

This property immediately caught my attention as we were on our way home from a day of exploring. It’s always nice to have a ‘bonus find’ when you’re calling it a day. I made a U-turn and pulled into the driveway. The gated drive and lack of footprints told me that this was likely abandoned….

Angry Bride House

This house has been picked through, but there are still several items reminiscent of a bygone era to be found inside. A kitchen calendar reveals the house may have been vacated in November of 1989, which would makes this house 31 years old. I believe that it was owned by the parents of a woman…

Pool Table House

This property is located not far from the shores of Lake Erie, Ontario. It’s along a highway but nobody disturbed me during my visit here. The name of the location stems from the pool table found upstairs. The highlight for me was the built in-wall cabinet which would be a waste not to recycle.  

House of Creepy Clowns

Circus clowns have existed in culture since the 18th century. Despite their lengthy history, people today find them to be scary. Perhaps this can be attributed to movies like Stephen King’s “IT”. This house had a beautiful backyard at one point in time. There was plenty of outdoor space, an in ground pool, and pool…

1960’s Basement Bar House

This is another of the many Toronto houses that have become vacant due to their aging interiors. For the urban explorer however these are terrific finds. The basement bar is typical of the 70’s style, the bathroom is wallpapered including the ceiling, and that thick carpeting of course! Thanks to Ethan M. for this one.

Abandoned Christian School House Toronto

This home was built in 1979. It’s listed for sale in the Toronto area for $5,500,000. The house has three garages and in the back of the property, a tennis court and tree house. The home doesn’t have much appeal as a place you’d want to live, which is because the last use was as…

Mustang GT House

This house is situated in a well-to-do area of Southern Ontario. It was built in the 1960’s and is destined to be demolished. There are a few noteworthy aspects such as the unique bathtub and patterned sink but the real gem is the 2018 Mustang GT found in the garage. I don’t believe the car…