In the hobby, it helps to have a social network of friends who can help you in your quest for new adventures. The list below is only a small portion of some of the Ontario urban explorers that I’m familiar with and/or follow. These people are the ones you want to get to know. They keep it low drama, are positive, and might even share a place or two with you. 🙂

Urban Exploration Resource – A database website for sharing information and locations. The DB is outdated but the forum is active. Access is given based on your contributions.

RP_Explorations – I was introduced to Rick when I operated Ontario Abandoned Place. He’s not a weekly explorer, but he’s a positive influence in the hobby which means a lot.

Lostspot Photography – A relatively new explorer to me but this guy has been solid and is really down to earth.

Urbexxanonymous – Kyla does some great photography when she’s not busy working.