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St. John Catholic French Immersion School

st. john french immersion catholic school london ontario

The St. John’s Catholic French Immerson School was located on Hill Street in London, Ontario. It was demolished in 2020 to make room for a new Child and Family Centre and Licensed Child Care for the Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre (SOAHAC).The province of Ontario spent $12,000,000 to help relocate the school to 1212 Coronation Drive. There were approximately 500 students at the old school.

Maple Lodge Ghost Town (S.S. #3)

Maple Lodge Ghost Town Ontario

The one room school house known as S.S. #3 Maple Lodge is one of the last buildings of the old town of Maple Lodge. The post office was located north on Niel Road.The school was built in 1900 and closed in 1956. This school was built in 1900 and closed in 1956. The building was also used as a woodwork shop but due to break-ins at the remote location, that business ceased. A church was located at the other end of the adjacent corn field which was relocated from the south during the 1800’s.The outline of the old Grand Trunk…

Mountain Secondary School Hamilton

Mountain Secondary School Hamilton Ontario

Mountain Secondary School was located at 60 Caledon Avenue in the City of Hamilton, Ontario. The building first opened in September of 1967 as the Caledon Girls Junior Vocational School. It amalgamated with the all-boys Crestwood Secondary School in 1995.Mountain Secondary School’s education curriculum included multi-credit courses in academics as well as industry standard certifications, and co-operative education. The industries included sectors such as transportation, cosmetology, hospitality, building maintenance, cabinetmaking, retail and personal/senior/child care sectors. The school also offered special education and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes The 2009-2010 student enrollment was 328 students. On May 24, 2012…

Florence M Heard Public School

Florence M Heard Public School

F.M. Heard Public School was located at 100 Garden Street in the city of Whitby. The school’s history began in 1875 under the name of The Model School, a training school for teachers. The school eventually became Dundas Street Public School. In 1967 a fire led to the demolition of part of Dundas Public School and a complete rebuild of the west-wing.The west wing was rebuilt while older additions remained intact. In 1974 the school reopened under the name of Florence M. Heard, a former teacher who began her career at the school back in 1924. In 1942 she was…

Avon Public School in Stratford

This was the Avon Public School in the City of Stratford. It was located at 140 Caledonia Street.In 2007 the school was deemed to be too expensive to repair and was granted “prohibitive to repair” (PTR) status and was considered to be “21st Century learning in a 19th Century environment”.In October of 2014 the school was still standing and no demolition preparation work had commenced. In fact, there was a For Sale sign on the front lawn. The school is now demolished. Condos now stand on the grounds of the former school.

St. Luke’s Catholic School (Markham)

st lukes catholic school markham

St. Luke’s Catholic School in the City of Markham served grades 9 through 12. The school also offered ESL (English as a Second Language) classes for the community. The school was located at 160 Dudley Avenue.   The school was built in 1955.   Due to aging infrastructure as well as asbestos, the school was abandoned around 2012. The city purchased the property in February of 2013 for $5.355 million. In May of 2016, the city entered into a 10 year lease with Cyrus Cultural Society.   Today the property is used for private education as the “I Am Smart…

St. Christopher’s Separate School Hamilton

St. Christopher's Separate School Hamilton

St. Christopher’s Separate School was built in 1966 to serve the residents of Hamilton as an elementary school. Due to shrinking enrollment numbers (105 pupils) the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board opted in 2008 to shutter the school after the school year. Students were consolidated with students from nearby St. John the Baptist school in the fall. Over the years the school has seen numerous fires and heavy vandalism. The school will eventually be demolished, For now, firefighters are routinely called out to extinguish arson.

Alderwood Collegiate Institute

Alderwood Collegiate

Alderwood Collegiate Institute first opened on September 6, 1955. The Etobicoke Board of Education had intended to build a middle school on the property but due to swelling student numbers at Royal York Collegiate Institute, they decided to use the northern portion of the property to build Douglas Park Junior School. Douglas Park opened in 1956. Gordon S. Adamson and Associates were commissioned as architects for Alderwood Collegiate. Construction began in July 30, 1954, but construction was halted due to flooding from Hurrican Hazel. Alderwood Collegiate The school was opened with an enrollment of 340 students. With increasing population, four…

Abandoned Cobalt Public School

Cobalt Ontario Public School

Cobalt Public School closed around 2013. I can find very little information on the former elementary public school. The school was destroyed in a suspicious fire in September of 2020.  

Almaguin Highlands Secondary School (AHSS)

Almaguin Highlands Secondary School

In January of 1957 the South River and Sundridge school boards met with the goal of creating a shared high school facility. They formed the South River-Sundridge High School District school board. In April of 1957 the newly formed board purchased 47 acres of land for $1,400 in an area located between the two towns. Construction began on a new high school in the summer of 1958. It opened in January of 1959. During the first school year there were 144 students taught by eight teachers. In January of 1966 the South River-Sundridge School Board united with the Powassan District…