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Industrial Locations | August 12, 2021

General Motors Plant – St. Catharines

The Gneral Motors plant in St. Catharines is a 43 acre property with 1.2 million feet of square space. It began operations in March of 1929 after being purchased by […]

Industrial Locations | August 29, 2020

John Deere Factory

This was the John Deere Factory in Welland, Ontario. The factory opened in 1911 after taking over The Dain Manufacturing Company, a producer of farming equipment. The company moved their […]

Industrial Locations | July 31, 2020

Abandoned Ontario Villa Resort

The history of this piece of property dates back to the 19th century when a wealthy family of political background purchased this adjoining parcel of land to expand their estate. […]

Industrial Locations | July 9, 2020

Abandoned Royal Brock Hotel in Guelph Ontario

The Royal Brock was a 104-room Best Western brand hotel that operated in the City of Guelph. Prior to this, it had operated under different company names. The last of […]

Industrial Locations | June 12, 2020

Lookout Inn in Callander, Ontario (North Bay)

The Lookout Inn is located just south of North Bay. It used to be a hotel with a dining area and patio overlooking Lake Nipissing. The business closed in the […]

Industrial Locations | May 15, 2020

Burgess Battery Factory in Niagara Falls

The Burgess Battery Company was formed on March 2nd, 1917 by Dr. Charles Burgess, a professor at University of Wisconsin. The company was a subsidiary of C.F. Burgess Laboratories. Burgess […]

Industrial Locations | May 14, 2020

Niagara Falls Memorial Arena & Sand Sculpture Exhibit

The Niagara Falls Memorial Arena was constructed in 1950 with a capacity of holding 3,056 patrons. The first opening hockey game took place on January 27, 1950 which featured the […]

Industrial Locations | May 2, 2020

Paper Mill with Medical Surgery Room

This mill was another statistic in the industries we lost due to increasing operating costs and decreased sales. The company announced a $15 million dollar loss in the year prior […]

Industrial Locations | April 10, 2020

Abandoned Oxford County Abandoned Drive In

The Oxford Drive In is located along Highway 2 between London and Woodstock. It began in 1949 when a Mr. Summerhayes from Brantford wanted to find suitable land upon which […]