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Forgotten Homestead

forgotten homestead ontario

This house is down the road from where the owner works. Rather than risk being caught, we talked over to ask him if we could look around. He agreed that we could. So while one of us was in view of him taking exteriors, the rest of us were taking interiors. Technically we were looking around.This house would have been beautiful back in it’s prime with its large bay windows, molding and fine staircase.At times there can be a lot of bee activity here, so do be careful if you take photographs.  

Manitoulin Island Assorted Abandoned Houses

Manitoulin Island Abandoned Houses

Assorted abandoned locations from beautiful Manitoulin Island  

House of Dangers

House of Dangers in Ontario

This abandoned rural farm house is called House of Dangers. It’s name stems from the open well hidden in the grass. On September 9, 1938, a twenty-five year old Second Leutenient American army pilot named James Breathitt died on the property. Breathitt was flying a P-35 Pursuit plane. the cause of the crash was said to be bad weather. The house once belonged to the Eddie family and is located beside the Eddie cemetery. William Eddie settled here after arriving from Scotland in 1834. The cemetery was established in 1845. The first burial was Alex McBean in 1847, the brother…

War Still On House (London, Ontario)

Helen Dickie London Ontario time capsule

This was the home of Helen Dickie of London. Helen was a fan of horses and rode them well in to her 80’s.When she passed away on May 8, 2013, a developer purchased her estate. The house was still in a somewhat semi-preserved state when we visited it. (Thanks Talker for the find)It had been cleared out somewhat but still had a time capsule appeal to it. There were 1930s and 1940s periodicals and newspapers, old china, and an old floor stereo unit.The hydro company arrived while an explorer was inside, to cut off the power. As a result, the…

Angry Bride House

angry bride house

This house has been picked through, but there are still several items reminiscent of a bygone era to be found inside. A kitchen calendar reveals the house may have been vacated in November of 1989, which would makes this house 31 years old. I believe that it was owned by the parents of a woman who lives nearby. The house holds sentimental value to her and so it hasn’t been demolished.We were caught inside this house by the daughter, and it didn’t go over well. In fact, we saw her pull up and walk down the driveway and then around…

Pool Table House

pool table house ontario

This property is located not far from the shores of Lake Erie, Ontario. It’s along a highway but nobody disturbed me during my visit here. The name of the location stems from the pool table found upstairs. The highlight for me was the built in-wall cabinet which would be a waste not to recycle.  

1934 Farm House in Middlesex County


This property is located west of Lucan at the end of a dead end road. There are old farming magazines that date back to the early 1900s.

House of Forgotten Photographs

photo album house

When the occupants of this house left, they left behind many memories in the form of photo albums. There is no further information on the family.

Staircase Waste

StaircaseWaste BeautifulAbandonedStaircaseHouse

This property was first settled in 1862 by Scottish farmer James McCallum in Huron County. The Scottish were experts in stone masonry as seen by the construction of the exterior of the house. The best feature of course was the winding staircase. It began to break away from the wall after many years of elements entering from a gap in the roof. The upstairs ceiling has now fallen down and covers the top of the staircase.

Murray Mansion Woodstock

Murray Mansion Woodstock Ontario

A large house in Woodstock with a three car garage and a loft above. There’s a yucky inground pool out back. Apparently the house was owned by a man named Dan Murray, an auctioneer who lived in the house with his wife Shirley and their two children. In 2011, Dan passed away. The house was vacated around 2016 and has sat dormant ever since. The outcome will most likely be demolition by developer.