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Abandoned Richmond Hill Castle Mansion

Richmond Hill castle mansion to be demolished

The street on which this house can be found, has at least five houses designated to be demolished. This is southern Ontario development, where no property is safe from the wrecking ball. The 4000 square foot house was built just back in 1986.

$6 Million Dollar Burlington Waterfront House

This southern Ontario property is listed at over $6 million dollars. The property value is in striking contrast to the condition of the house, until you notice the surrounding luxury homes located in a prime area. The house seems out of place, given it’s lack of renovations and original architecture. I’d estimate that it was built sometime in the 1960’s. The house features a small kitchen area, stone fireplace (on both sides of the wall), an impressive view looking out onto the lake, an intercom system and a built in wall record player and cassette deck. These electronics seem to…

Abandoned Ontario – Assorted Places

Abandoned Ontario Doctor's Mansion

A bit of everything from my previous explorations in Ontario…  

Unfinished Business House

Unfinished Business

This house can be found along rural road in a small Ontario town. It looks like construction was never completed on the property. There’s a story that a squatter was one time staying in the house. During my visit, I found bedding on the floor that suggested someone had been staying in the house.There is a large outbuilding in the back but I didn’t explore the inside.

Guelph Eramosa House


I passed by this house on my way home from a day of exploring. The exterior of the house appealed to me, and so I turned around for photos. It was largely disappointing to see the windows and doors boarded up but the exterior architecture indicated that it might be worth a closer look.I was able to step through a smashed window, and observe what looked like an office area. The interior was a let down compared to the exterior. Until… I found the staircase and the stain glass.Kids have opened cans of paint and strewn it about the floor…

Stained Glass Closet House (London, Ontario)

stained glass closet house London

This property is located in the City of London. The Sunningdale Road property will likely be demolished. It sits across the street from the property where the London Party Mansion used to be. The outdoor clothing closet by the front entrance features nice stain glass.There’s a nice staircase leading to the second flood, and a hot tub with skylight.  

Abandoned Ontario Pink Parrot House

rural house in Ontario

This house was a testimont to the care that went into designing a house in bygone eras. It had a nice fireplace, frosty windows, French doors, ironing board cabinet and an antique Singer sewing machine.The house was located in Central Elgin, Ontario.

Poopy Stairs House (London, Ontario)

london ontario heritage house

This is a 4 bedroom 1850s century farmhouse located on Wonderland Road in the city of London. A Toronto company wants to demolish the property to make way for an 18-unit townhouse. The property was recommended for heritage designation which was approved. The townhouses will be built surrounding the farm house. This is a win for heritage preservation.  

Crime Scene Tape House

crime scene house ontario

Located in a cul-de-sac, this house sits out of view from the more modern homes. It’s aged appearance might explain the “sold as is” disclaimer on the realty website.The library used to have police crime scene tape and what is said to be droplets of blood. I don’t know the backstory on this. There;s no information available on any incidents at this house.The highlight would be the library and its extensive collection of books. Perhaps a return trip is warranted for a closer examination of what else lies inside. These photos were taken as the sun was setting so as…

Abandoned Ontario House of Forgotten Art

forgotten art house

This house sits along a quiet back road in Grey County. It’s partially collapsed. There are holes in the floor and care should be taken when walking on it. Inside, you’ll discover a trove of artist’s paintings, primarily nude art. We rounded up the scattered paintings, which included both men and women. They were scattered in various corners of the house. I wasn’t able to find the artist’s name. There was very little else to find in the house and it appeared that the house had been vacant for at least a decade.Last I’d heard, the house was allegedly demolished….