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Puslinch Highway House

Puslinch abandoned house

This is a well documented house in the urban exploration hobby as the house is found alongside a well traveled highway near Hamilton. The house has been vacant for as long as I can remember. In recent years wooden beams have been added to the exterior of the house, presumably to reinforce the frame.Despite the condition of the house, the owner allegedly doesn’t want to sell the land.  

Nature’s Backyard House

abandoned house in the forest

This house is located in a large metropolitan area, tucked away in a small forested pocket off of a highway. The house is barely visible from the road.The house was constructed in 1967.It was last occupied by a family from Syria. The family came to Canada as refugees from the war torn country of Syria. The four children were not able to attend school or go outside in their homeland. Seven family members lived in a small bachelor sized apartment.Perhaps you’ve seen the news coverage of Syria, particularly overwhelmed hospitals where small children have been seriously injured in the conflict….

Foggy Day Time Capsule Farm House

foggy day time capsule house

Let me preface this by stating that this isn’t a complete time capsule house. It’s a small rural farm house that looks like it was vacated during the 80’s.   

Norling Farm (Abandoned Computers)

abandoned computer house

This is a rural property that’s been around for some years now. I have never been back to check on whether any of the items are still there. There’s a minivan and a parted-out car in the garage and a 40 foot motorhome.Whoever lived here would certainly have been someone I could get acquainted with. They were an avid computer enthusiast and video game collector. Some of the computers include a Commodore PET and 8050 dual drive, a Radio Shack TRS-80 and what looks like a ZX-80. Video game consoles include an Atari 2600 and a Coleco Telstar Marksman. There…

Guelph Ontario Royal Canadian Legion House

abandoned royal canadian legion house

An old decaying house on the grounds of the Royal Canadian Legion property.

Abandoned Cattle Farm

abandoned cattle farm ontario

This former farm is near Milton, Ontario. There’s still electricity inside the house. A note inside indicates that a squatter or tenant has to move out shortly.There are barns, stables and an indoor riding arena where the cattle were shown or horses were ridden.As of June 2017 the house has been renovated and is active again.

Peter Grant Mansion in Haileybury – Canada’s Largest Mansion

Abandoned Peter Grant Mansion Ontario

At 65,000 square feet, this vacant mansion goes by different names – Haileybury House, Peter Grant Mansion or simply “Canada’s Largest Mansion”. It was built along the shores of Lake Temiskaming in Northern Ontario by Peter Grant Junior.Peter Grant grew up in the New Liskeard area. He started as a plant manager for Elk Planning Mill Limited and became president of the company in 1976. The same year he became president of the Grant Lumber Company Limited. which held partial ownership of the Elk mill until 1995.Mr. Grant started Grant Forest Products in 1980, making him the 87th richest person…

Donatello’s Demise $15 Million Mansion


This property immediately caught my attention as we were on our way home from a day of exploring. It’s always nice to have a ‘bonus find’ when you’re calling it a day. I made a U-turn and pulled into the driveway. The gated drive and lack of footprints told me that this was likely abandoned. The only question was, could we find a way inside?It was a cold day and we walked quickly to the sliding glass door. To my relief, the door opened! I was impressed with the lack of vandalism. The only damage was some holes in the…

Cat[h]art[ic] Experience House

abandoned ontario house with painting art

This property is located along a busy highway. It could be mistaken for a seasonally used residence from the exterior. The interior is quite run down and lacking any seasonal amenities. The ground floor is filled with old tables in storage. I had to navigate through the tightly packed tables to get to the stairs. Upstairs, there are a trio of paintings created by an unknown artist. Did the artist enjoy the serenity of this remote property for summer painting sessions?The floor is soft in some spots, so I was careful as I made my way from room to room….

Music Maker’s House in Hamilton

Exploring the Music Maker House in Ontario

When I first saw photos of this property, I felt that I should head out to it as soon as possible before the wrong people found it. It took a bit of sleuthing to find out where it was, but after an hour or so of searching I had the address. This house dates from pre-Confederation, making it over 150 years old. It’s currently on the list of Heritage Designated properties for the city in which it’s found.And with that I set out for a morning road trip. When I arrived, I parked where I wouldn’t be seen and tried…