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Bradley House (London, Ontario)


This is simply known as the Bradley House. Note the old style doorbell which you’d turn to ring a bell on the inner side of the door.

Adjala Dartboard House

exterior Adjala Ontario Dartboard House

This property is known as the Adjala Dartboard House because it’s located in Adjala-Tosorontio and a dartboard used to hang on a wall with a multi-coloured carpet backdrop. The dartboard has gone missing since my initial visit in 2012. I’d never been back here until June 2021.This was a four bedroom farmhouse with barn, drive shed and grain storage. Some of the doors had the old-style glass door knobs.Given that this house is situated along a busy highway, the house has been thoroughly trashed, spray painted and all the other stupid things people do abandoned houses.Caution: The basement can be…

Nature Wants In – Milton, Ontario

random milton ontario abandoned house

A random find along the highway as we traveled from one destination to another. There wasn’t much of photogenic value to be found inside. The rear patio door was open and several leaves had blown inside the dining room, confirming to me that this was indeed a vacant property.There is a theory that the floor being cut away in the third photo is a result of someone having passed away in the home.The house is likely to be demolished.  

Watch for Ticks

abandoned ontario house

This house was part of our itinerary for the day. I had no idea what to expect from it. As we approached, the driveway was overgrown and it was difficult to see the house. There were three, perhaps four buildings on the property. I drove up the driveway (thank you 4×4) and we approached the house. As the doors were boarded, Forsaken Ontario hopped up on a chair and made his way in through the window. Meanwhile my companion had discovered that there was a cellar door in the back. We walked down into the cellar and discovered a set…

The Bull Monty

abandoned milton ontario house

As fate would have it on this day of exploring, the two most sought locations were locked up. At the same time, fate also decided to hand us several random houses along the road. Several times throughout the day we found ourselves making a U-turn to investigate potential abandoned places.This particular four-bedroom, three-bathroom house is located in prime real estate territory, along a busy road and next to several businesses. I don’t know if a develop purchased the land or if the owners decided to sell of their own accord. The property is worth $3,499,000.There was little of interest inside…

$5.7 Million Toronto Tiki Bar House


In 1968, a Jewish businessman named Stan founded a company in the State of New York. Stan’s company sold sealants used for roofing, pools and various construction purposes. The company grew to two N.Y. warehouses and eight warehouses in Ontario, Canada.In 1978, Stan’s wife Elaine purchased a Santa Fe-style house located in a prestigious area of Toronto known for its million-dollar homes. The property may have already been in the family name as it was transferred to her for an amount of $2.00 which is common for inter-family transfers.Around 1994 the sealant company changed their name to reflect the larger…

Toronto Nutcracker House

north york bungalow

Like so many of Toronto’s aging homes, this property fell into the cross-hairs of a property developer and now awaits its day with the bulldozer. The property was built in 1966 and features a three car garage. The front door and fireplace are exceptionally wider than found in most homes today. The property is located along Bayview Avenue in North York.

The Abandoned Hippy Camp

abandoned hippy camp

I don’t have a lot of background information on this property. I was told that it was once a hippy camp during the 1960’s. It’s been well preserved mainly because it’s tucked away in a forested area of Ontario. There are several buildings on the property, which appear to have been last in use as seasonal residences. A follower of mine was able to send me some information on this place, that showed it used to be a community. Unfortunately I lost the information on the history of this site. During a follow up visit, we did see someone using…

Stain Glass Farm House

stain glass ontario farm house

This is a rural farm out in the country. The front entrance features yellow and blue stain glass. The staircase is the usual wooden newel post design that was so prevalent in these designs.An assistance walker in the front entrance along with the dated bed frame and overall design of the home, leads me to think that an elderly couple resided here until their passing away.  

Sandra’s House

Sandra'sHouse vintagetoys

This location is named Sandra’s House for the young girl who once lived here. As of 2021, she would be approximately 29 years old. In her bedroom still hang the movie posters from Walt Disney’s Pocahontas (released in 1995). The house was a treasure trove of vintage children’s toys at one time. These items include an Easy Bake oven and a Lite-Brite. A Lite-Brite is a toy in which you’d insert coloured pegs into a honeycomb-like grid that was placed over a piece of black cardboard paper. On the black paper were tiny letters indicating what colour pegs to place…