Category: Abandoned Houses

Paul Fleming Artist House

soul man artist house ontario

This was the home of Paul and his wife Edith. Paul grew up in Windsor, Ontario. He began drawing with a pencil at the age of 4. By the age of 17, Paul was playing the trumpet. When he began listening to Ray Charles, Paul converted to soul, jazz and blues music. In the 1960s…

$10,000,000 Chandeleir Mansion

north york chandelier house

This house sits on prime land located along Harrison Road in North York, Ontario. It is by no means outdated. This house was built only in 1996, but that hasn’t stopped developers from tossing wads of cash at the owners in an effort to squeeze more housing in place. The developer’s proposal is for a…

Clockwork Orange House


This house was owned by John Patrick Sheridan. Mr. Sheridan graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in geophysical engineering. He became a prospector and mine developer in Northern Ontario & Quebec during the 1950s. In 1956 he formed his own consulting firm named Sheridan Geophysics. He would go on to develop several…

Red Brick Farmhouse

rural farm house

This old house is next to another abandoned property. Inside you’ll find the customary newel post staircase as was common back in the days when craftsmanship went into home building, peeling paint and general decay. It appears to have been in disuse since at least 2012 or perhaps used as a seasonal property.While exploring this…

Almost Too Modern (Clearview Township)


Properties like this are more likely to be in-between owners than completely abandoned. During our exploration back in 2016, I didn’t feel like this had much photogenic value given its modern look. When I looked on Stree View for 2021, there’s a truck in the driveway. Perhaps this property is lived in once more.Highway 124

Stayner Ontario Rural House

clearview township rural house

This is a rural farm property with sheds and barns located in Stayner, Ontario. There’s a workshop with old wood-working tools. The crops are used for growing corn. And there’s a horse-drawn carriage in the barn!Someone may have been staying here at one point in time as seen by footprints in the dust, cans of…

Mikayla’s House

mikaylas house

I’ve known about this house for a while now and finally decided to give it a visit one rainy morning. I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to gain access once I saw fresh plywood on a patio door and tire tracks in the driveway.Fortunately a door was open. Nothing really stood out to me…

The Judge’s $10 Million Mansion


Located in Southern Ontario, this luxurious mansion was once owned by a couple who worked in the legal business. The husband sits as a member of the Board of Director’s for the Law Society of Upper Canada. The wife was an Appeals Court Judge until her retirement in 2018.The property can be found along a…

Swamp House (London, Ontario)

London Ontario House in the Swamp

This house was located in prime real estate area of London, Ontario. It also happened to be situated in swampy area with it’s own little body of water in the back yard.The property has been heavily trashed and there’s black mold on the walls, given the lack of windows and humidity. The back yard has…

8th Line Farm House


A rural house in Halton Hills, Ontario dangerously on the verge of collapsing.It held a collection of elegant old couches.The house was demolished in November of 2012.