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Kleinburg Red Stained Glass House

kleinburg abandoned house

This house was a random find as we were ending our exploration day in May 2022. It was next to a gas station in Kleinburg that we stopped at for fuel. The black and white tiled room reminds me of the text adventure game Miser (Mansion). The red stained glass in the front room lit up the hallway in bright red rays. Nothing very exciting about this find. There are some derelict trucks outside.  

Moldy Pool Table

abandoned moldy pool table house king ontario

This property was found in King, Ontario. Outside there was an in-ground swimming pool, pond, guest house and large barn. The property may have been used to board horses. The house was built in 1891 and is was included in Ontario’s heritage property list. Additions were made to the house over the years to both sides of the house and shed dorners added to the roof. After renovations to the house, it was removed from the Ontario Heritage Listing. The property offered privacy as it was situated away from the road at the end of a long driveway.As I made…

Heritage International School

Heritage School of Arts

This house was built in 1979 and is situated on 39,000 square feet of land. It was listed for sale at $5,500,000. There’s an outdoor tennis court, five bedrooms, seven bathrooms. The house has an almost commercial appearance to it, and lacks the warmth of a residence. It was last in use as a private Christian school by the name of Heritage International School. They are listed as offering grades 7 through 12 with a strong academic curriculum as well as Arts programs in Visual Arts, Drama (Musical Theatre), Music (Band, Orchestra), Physical Education, and extra-curricular program. The students are…

Richmond Hill 1950’s House


This house was built in the 1950’s. The interior has remained relatively untouched since that time, an architectural time capsule. The belongings on the other hand are modern day.  When I returned to this house in late 2019, it had been stripped down to the studs.  

Bayview on the Park

IMG    Optimizer scaled

This house is located on Wilket Street in Toronto. Its life is short however because it’s destined to become the site of 7 new townhouses named Bayview on the Park. The three-storey townhouses will be for sale starting at $3,000,000. On January 18, 2016 the Ontario Municipal Board ruled that the developer could proceed with plans to build after the City of Toronto stalled on making a decision. For now this house sits untouched, with working electricity.  

The Soul-Man Artist House

soul man artist house ontario

This was the home of Paul and his wife Edith. Paul grew up in Windsor, Ontario. He began drawing with a pencil at the age of 4. By the age of 17, Paul was playing the trumpet. When he began listening to Ray Charles, Paul converted to soul, jazz and blues music. In the 1960s he played in Ronnie Hawkins’ band.Paul’s father was a painter and provided Paul with lessons in drawing. Paul was inspired to begin painting and sketching the African-American musicians he was fond of listening to. By 1993 he became more serious about his paintings and by…

$10,000,000 Chandeleir Mansion

north york chandelier house

This house sits on prime land located along Harrison Road in North York, Ontario. It is by no means outdated. This house was built only in 1996, but that hasn’t stopped developers from tossing wads of cash at the owners in an effort to squeeze more housing in place. The developer’s proposal is for a 3-level six unit condo.The developer sought a zoning By-law amendment that would allow for the six unit structure. In 2016, the City of Toronto sought a community meeting to obtain input from the surrounding property owners. By December of 2016 it was recommended that Toronto…

Clockwork Orange House


This house was owned by John Patrick Sheridan. Mr. Sheridan graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in geophysical engineering. He became a prospector and mine developer in Northern Ontario & Quebec during the 1950s. In 1956 he formed his own consulting firm named Sheridan Geophysics. He would go on to develop several copper, nickel and gold mines.John met his future wife Marjorie on a blind date in Toronto. The couple married in 1958 in the mining town of Kirkland Lake where Marjorie worked at the Teck Hughes Mine.Some of Mr. Sheridan’s stakes were failures, while others paid…

Red Brick Farmhouse

rural farm house

This old house is next to another abandoned property. Inside you’ll find the customary newel post staircase as was common back in the days when craftsmanship went into home building, peeling paint and general decay. It appears to have been in disuse since at least 2012 or perhaps used as a seasonal property.While exploring this location, we were met with a neighbour who advised us that the property was private property. We left shortly thereafter. The photos will have some noise in them as my camera settings were incorrect.

Almost Too Modern (Clearview Township)


Properties like this are more likely to be in-between owners than completely abandoned. During our exploration back in 2016, I didn’t feel like this had much photogenic value given its modern look. When I looked on Stree View for 2021, there’s a truck in the driveway. Perhaps this property is lived in once more.Highway 124