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Learning To Fly

markham ontario abandoned house

  This location was known as The Drug Dealer’s House. I could find no evidence of drug dealing and the house was pretty much a mess. However the house next door was a little better. It had a very old stove/oven built into the basement wall, in an inexplicable location. There was a calendar dated 1977 and written in the cement was “Dino Accettone Oct. 22, 1978”. Dino is still kicking around and operates a funeral home. We found two model helicopters inside the house, the type that you control with a remote control. You can see a similar helicopter…

Scarborough Aladdin House

scarborough aladdin house

The Aladdin House as it’s often referred to as, belonged to Max Heiduczek. Max bought the home, located at 110 Maybourne in Scarborough, in 1970. Max traveled the world and inspiration for his home’s design came from his worldly travels. The house features turrets, minarets, columns, and statues.The house is sometimes referred to as “the castle” and the city’s “weirdest” home.” In September of 2018 as Max’s health was fading, he sold the house to a builder for $760,000 and moved into a retirement home.The buyer intended to demolish the house and build a new home. It’s now been 4 years…


aerosmith house

This was a random find along the roads in Adjala-Tosorontio. The main floor had a kitchen, living room and bathroom. The upper floor contained a bedroom and hot tub room with a skylight. There was little of interest to be found inside.

Tinder Swindler House

tinder swindler house

We returned to this area in April 2022 after having previously explored a house next to it in the winter. This one was difficult to tell if there was anyone living inside, it looked like it could go either way. I walked up to the front door and peered inside. I observed some Harvey’s fast food leftovers on the kitchen table. With that, we noped right out of there.A short while later I decided I wanted to have another look at this house. I walked around the back and looked inside. There was an absence of furniture and the basement…

Richmond Hill House

Explored in April of 2022.

Heinekin House

While searching for another abandoned house, we passed by this one. This house had ‘the look’ and so we stopped to take a closer look. The driveway had weeds, the grass was overgrown, and the roof was in rough shape. I walked around doing a cursory inspection and made my way to the back. The door opened! The kitchen countertop had used utensils on it. A garbage can was filled with food. The fridge was working and inside were pizza boxes and a case of Heinekin. I didn’t check for any expiry dates. In an adjacant room were several liquor…

The $5 Million Wicker House

Abandoned Wicker House Markham Ontario

This house is a mid-century ranch-style home containing four bedrooms and three bathrooms. According to information found online, it’s been vacant for over 10 years now. I can find no reference to what the house’s address or who the former occupants might have been.The front door is broken off the hinges allowing elements inside. Sections of the roof have deteriorated and collapsed into the house. There’s black mold throughout. There are numerous boxes of wicker furniture new in packaging. One theory is that the owners operated a business out of the house, while another is that it was used for…

Golden Years Time Capsule

This house belonged to a 93 year-old woman named Marie. Marie came to Canada from Belgium. She worked as a tobacco farmer. It appears that as Marie grew older, she was unable to care for herself as there are signs of hoarding in the house. Most of the rooms are cluttered with boxes and it’s difficult to navigate through them. There are some interesting items such as old record players, a large box of rolled pennies, several reels of 35mm slides and 8 track tapes.

Abandoned Toronto Grow Op House

toronto abandoned marijuana grow op mansion

This was an alleged licensed grow operation. On my first visit, I could observe that the electricity had been altered. HVAC tubing had been run from the basement up to the bedrooms. The attic had remnants of plants and shake. Most much every room in this house was altered to grow marijuana. The only room left untouched was the kitchen.During my second visit on March 23, 2022 I found that most of the interior has been gutted down to the studs. The kitchen is completely gone. May 23, 2022 Photos

Cookie Cutter Culture

north york cookie cutter condos

This house is located in North York, Ontario. The Toronto area is filled with similar properties that have been purchased by development companies with the intention to build new condo housing. This will be the future home of a three storey building with 7 condos. As with many developer properties, the electricity is still working. There’s water damage in the kitchen. Note the modern fridge in the kitchen and another one in the basement storage area. Perhaps these will be repurposed.