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Corvette Stingray House

Abandoned Corvette Stingray House Ontario

  This abandoned house holds a little surprise inside … a Corvette Stingray. The garage is built into the house in such a way that it’s more like walking into another room than a garage. A garage door has been inserted into a portion of the house’s wall which has been cut out. There are trees growing outside of the garage door, and I’m not certain you could remove the car if you even wanted to.There’s not much else of interest inside. I believe that the owners live next door in a modern home. Several people have expressed interest in…

Ratz-Bechtel Funeral Home

abandoned funeral home kitchener ontario

This Victorian-style building was built in 1897 as a $13,000 private home. At the time the price was six times the cost of nearby homes. The original owner was a man from Berlin named Jacob Kaufman, a successful businessman. Kaufman made his money in lumber and later footwear with the Kaufman Rubber Company. The home was constructed with stone and hand crafted wood work. The second floor still has a built in desk where Kaufman could keep watch on his rubber factory down the hill. A billiards room on the main floor still has a service bell where drinks could…

No Place Like Dome

No Place Like Dome

An unusually shaped building that appears to have never been completed. There’s a second building on the property which wasn’t accessible during my first visit, but has since been opened. There’s really not much more to be said about No Place Like Dome. 🙂

The O.P.P. Drug House in St. Charles

St. Charles OPP drug house

I explored this abandoned house in St. Charles, Ontario back in 2010. At that time I used a point and shoot camera and over the years the photos were bulk resized when I required more website disk storage. For this reason the resolution and size are somewhat poor. This is what the house appeared like in 2010. There are spray painted messages on the front of the house:“This was my house and is not a marijuana grow operation. This is more OPP and shit town lies.“ “Messenger of death“ I returned to this house ten years later in May of…

Polka Dot Door House

Abandoned Polka Dot Door House

The Polka Dot Door house was built in 1975. The design of the kitchen reflects the wacky colour schemes that were often used back in those days. The highlight of the house is most certainly the polka dot door itself, as modeled after the children’s show of the same name.

Abandoned Ontario Brady Bunch House

Abandoned Ontario Brady Bunch House

The  Brady Bunch house was located in the City of Markham, Ontario. It was a four level split home constructed in 1960. The house remained largely unchanged since it’s construction, with the 60’s vibe evident even today. The house is located on the grounds of another facility but can be seen from the road. Inside you’ll find the floors have thick shag carpeting. A bedroom has yellow and white vertically striped wallpaper while another has a dotted ceiling and funky 60’s wallpapered walls. The basement bar is made of diamond patterned vinyl. You can vision the parties that must have…

Medieval Castle House with Moat and Dragon

First of all this property is NOT abandoned so you’d be best off not approaching it. The family lives in the railway car on the property and there is a German Shepherd. The house was allegedly built by a man for his wife’s dream home. He used extra materials from his construction business. The house is beautiful, but for whatever reason was never finished. The surrounding land is an odd mix of material wasteland. There’s a dragon, a boat, several old HVAC units and a large garage made out of shipping containers. It was an unusual exploration to say the…

Abandoned Ontario Mansion of Murals

mural mansion

This fascinating house in Ontario has been vacant for many years now. It’s not clear why it won’t sell, despite being on the market for some time now. The realtor won’t give any details as to the circumstances of the house being put up for sale. Entry to this house was tricky but we managed to find a way inside without breaking in (something we don’t do). I will tell you that the house is now alarmed with an external siren that is quite loud. There are murals on the walls and ceilings. I felt a mix of nauseousness and…

Niagara Falls Ontario Funeral Home & Embalming Room

abandoned funeral home coffin Ontario

This abandoned funeral home was located at 5647 Main Street in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It’s believed that the owner retired. Entry to the building took was an office window and once inside we were greeted with an immaculate funeral home. The electricity was still operational and we were quick to notice that an alarm system was installed.We made our way to the Henry Chapel where funeral services would have been held before the deceased was driven by hearse to the cemetery. Several light switches adjusted the ceiling and spot lights, setting the appropriate mood for services. Upstairs was the main…

Abandoned Ontario Haunted Pet Cemetery (Aurora)

abandoned pet cemetery in Ontario

During the early 20th century long before 24-hour retailers and high speed internet, people were able to take the time to appreciate the simpler qualities in life. Loyal companionship wasn’t determined by the hundreds of people on your social media that you rarely spoke with. Companionship during those lonely nights came in the form of a loyal four legged friend. Victor BlochinVictor P. Blochin was a major in the Russian Red Army. While fighting during the First World War he was captured and became a prisoner of war in Germany. One of his fellow captives was a man named Angus Campbell,…