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Abandoned Ontario Clock Maker Time Capsule House

Clock Maker Time Capsule House

While there are no exteriors of the house I’ll be showing you, it’s evident that the house dates back to at least the 1970’s. The retro deck at the rear of the property is quite rotten. There are several holes in the deck so you have to be cautious walking on it. I cautiously navigated it, keeping close to the walls. By the shed are two old rotary dial phones. They are a prelude to the past way of life to be found inside this house.Upon making our way inside the house, the first room we discovered was the living…

Abandoned Star Wars Collectible Mansion in Ontario

Abandoned Star Wars Mansion

This mansion is referred to as the Star Wars Collectible Mansion with good reason. There are thousands of dollars in Star Wars merchandise to be found inside. This home was built in 2000 for a Chinese man. He was married with a wife and had three children. The man worked as an architect for the City of Toronto. Below you can see many magazines, stereo equipment, large television and an X-Box console. Everything is left as it was. Mail has piled up several feet from the inside of the mail slot in the front door. Mold and decay have begun to…

Piano Teacher Time Capsule House in Ontario

sketchinthePianoTeacher'sHouse Abandonedontariotimecapsule

The Piano Teacher Time Capsule is an abandoned house in Ontario once lived in by two musicians from Estonia. The house has remained undisturbed for many years and only recently could it be explored. This was the home of Klaudia Voiko and Tatjana Jakobson (Talvi Jaldre) . Voika was born May 31, 1909 in Valga, Estonia. Jaldre was born August 18, 1905 in Tartu, Estonia. Talvi Jaldre  Talvi graduated from Tallinn Conservatoire in 1932 as a sound artist. The following year she found work as a vocal and music teacher at a school in Tallinn.  Talvi was an accomplished piano player who…