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Thames Centre Time Capsule

thames centre time capsule house

This house was simply wonderful to explore. The first thing you notice when you approach the house, is the smell. It stinks of rotting garbage outside. Inside the house, the air is easier to breathe. There’s an accumulation of black mold however, starting to grow in the rear kitchen area.The kitchen is filled with canned food and utensils. The bedrooms are completely made up. In the master bedroom you’ll find hundreds of photos, many of them of flowers that used to be in the garden. An old Singer sewing machine was discovered in one of the upper rooms. It disappeared…

Time Capsule House of Antique Singer Sewing Machines

This house is situated up a long driveway and is out of view from the road. The land is used for farming purposes but the house itself has remained untouched for many years. I’m going to suggest that it was a seasonally used property rather than a home. The last few years have seen the ceiling start to fall down. On a piano sits a photo of an older man and who is likely his grandson. Have the occupants passed away? There’s been no signs of life in this cottage for several years now. Fortunately most of the belingings are…

Absent Manor Time Capsule in Ontario

ontario time capsule house abandoned

Located along a quiet rural road sits this gorgeous time capsule farm house. You wouldn’t know that there’s anything of interest inside, and would probably pass it by if you saw it along the side of the road. Inside is a completely untouched rural home with working electricity, and quilts on the made up beds. The man who owns this property lives in Toronto where he works as a jeweler. The land is used for farming potatoes. With even the doors boarded up, it would appear that the owner has no intention on returning any time soon. A dehumidifier runs…

Mother in the Eyes of Time

mother in the eyes of time capsule

This house was originally found by an explorer named Ground State.A woman named Madelyn Williamson lived in this house where she raised five children. Madelyn’s husband William, passed away in 1982. Since that time Madelyn remained in the house along with one of her adult sons (I believe he was named James).At the time the house was discovered, the hydro was still working and there was zero vandalism. A TV table in front of the couch and a bottle of old ketchup adds an eerie look that the house was vacated suddenly.  One of the stories told by a neighbour,…

The Spence Farm

Abandoned Spence Farm Ontario

This property belonged to Mr. Spence. Mr. Spence didn’t have a formal education but his working experience in raising swine and cattle made him a leader in the farming community.Mr. Spence took part in Junior Farming judging competitions at the Canadian National Exhibition and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. In 1928 he won the Top Novice Award at the C.N.E.He then began to show his pigs at the Chatham Agricultural Fair (now defunct), transporting them by a team of horses and a wagon. Mr. Spence bred Berkshire swine, of which some ended up being exported to the USA and Mexico….

1968 Country Time Capsule House

time capsule house in ontario

This house is one of the top abandoned locations I ever had the privilege of exploring in Ontario. It was shared with me by a photographer known as The Secret Lens. The house sits along a main road in a small Southern Ontario town. The land is used for farming and the house could be easily mistaken for being lived in. It was purchased by John and Kat in 1951.It was the home of John and Kat. Kat was born in 1910 in Slovakia. She passed away in 1968. John passed away in 1993. I don’t have any information as…

Lover’s Getaway (Sexy Retreat)

lovers retreat

The way into this property is overgrown, so much so that it’s not likely many people would stop to investigate what lies beyond the entrance. For those who do venture down the path, a treasure awaits. This is the Lover’s Getaway. The details behind the property are somewhat unclear at this point and probably will remain unclear as I don’t wish to intrude on the family’s privacy by contacting them. There was a man named E.S.H. who lived with his wife in this part of Ontario. He would have been born in 1913. There’s a framed certificate from the Province…

Messy Yard Time Capsule House

Messy Yard Time Capsule in Ontario

This isn’t quite a time capsule house but it does have most of the possessions left inside it, in a messy state. The living room has several boxes of personal items such as school notebooks and birthday cards (one including a $1 bill). The kitchen contains lots of dishes scattered about. There are clothes hanging on the coat hooks. The yard is cluttered with old electronics such as black and white televisions and a tractor out in the back.

Rural Farm House Time Capsule

abandoned rural farm house

This property is secluded from the road, down a long driveway. It looks more like a seasonal home than a year-round occupancy. It’s remained vacant for seven years now. There are antiques, beds are made and plenty of cobwebs. There are two antique sewing machines and antique furniture. It’s not known what happened to the residents although the land is used for farming. Over the years there’s been more water damage noticeable in the ceiling.

Herald’s Hideaway Time Capsule

Herald’s Hideaway Time Capsule

This large property is hidden away behind the tree line of the road it’s situated on. It has two large barns, , three workshops, two greenhouses, a boat, and an old Volkswagen. Jonas Ulpmann was born in Estonia, Europe on May 21, 1906. Jonas never married or had children, but he did have 9 siblings. One of those siblings is Magnus Ulpmann, his younger brother and the owner of this house. Magnus, also known as “Max”, was born on December 13, 1914. Magnus married Elfriede Laende at the age of 28. 5 years later they had a son, Vello, followed…