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XXX Files House

adult time capsule house

This house was found on the top of a hill in Clearview Township. There are barns and old vehicles on the property. At one time it might have been a nice time capsule, but with all things abandoned, people have been here and tossed items looking for valuables.Inside the house are Victorian furniture pieces, VHS tapes, letters, appliances, computer parts, photos and so much more. The name of the house stems from the handwritten adult letters left behind, which I’m posting. * Warning Sexual Content *The photos aren’t the best quality but you can get a good idea of what…

The Polish Soldier’s Time Capsule House

Polish Soldier Time Capsule House

This house is the kind of house that I’ll drive hours to explore. You could easily spend hours here, pouring over the contents left behind. I’m naming this location, the “Polish Soldier’s House” and this is the back story. To keep undesirable people from finding the house, names aren’t being disclosed nor are the full dates. As enjoyable as it is to present these houses, there is still a family we need to be cognizant of.A.K. was born August of 1914. I.T. was born February of 1924. During World War II, I.T. arrived home one day to find that her…

The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days Time Capsule House Ontario

This house is located in Middlesex County along a busy highway. Someone appears to be using it for storing personal items outside as a boat comes and goes. The caldendar inside shows 1986 which makes this property aver three decades vacant.The highlight are the assorted vintage television sets as well as some clothing hanging in an upstairs room. There are assorted bills on the flor dating back to the 1980’s. The house was been picked over but still has no vandalism and remains a popular place to photograph.

Arne’s Farm House in Aurora, Ontario

arne fredericksen house

This house was located in Aurora, Ontario. It was built around 1960. It last owner was a man named Arne Fredericksen. Arne bred racing horses and founded two other farms in Ontario which are active to this day.Arne was born in 1924 and passed away in 1998. The house was left as un untouched time capsule for a few years until 2013 when it was purchased by a developer. PhotographicTime and I spent several hours in long weekend rush hour traffic on August 2, 2013 to reach this house, where it did not disappoint. The power still worked.Original coordinates: 44.022861,-79.420436

Norm Elder’s Cottage

Norm Elder Cottage Abandoned Muskoka

The Norm Elder cottage was an amazing collection of buildings that housed artifacts collected by a Toronto resident named Norm Elder. Norman Sam Elder was born on August 12, 1939. He could be described as being eccentric – an explorer, exotic animal owner, writer, artist, and an Olympic equestrian all in one.Norm operated the Norman Elder Museum which was located at 140 Bedford Road in Toronto. Norm’s Museum has an assortment of exotic animals including a 90 year old turtle named Tony Tortuis. Norm also had two large pythons and a boa constrictor that he kept in the basement. Sometimes…

Cuckoo Clock Capsule House

abandoned ontario cuckoo clock time capsule house

A rural farm house set back from the road with old vehicles in the driveway. At first glance, you might think that someone’s home but as you venture closer you see that the vehicles don’t have recent plates.This was a very intact time capsule house which has since been cleaned out. At the time of my visit it looked like someone had been packing items into boxes, perhaps after a recent death in the household.

Time Capsule Bed and Breakfast House

abandoned bed and breakfast time capsule

The adventure begins at 3 AM, when I rose out of bed after just a few short hours of sleep. I was intent on arriving at this time capsule house before the sun had risen, because I expected difficulties in finding a way inside. I arrived at my destination shortly after 6 AM and parked at a property across the road. Sleep was out of the question, I’ve never been able to fall asleep in the driver’s seat. I took a quick peek of the house and felt my way around the door as it was still dark outside. I…

Time Capsule House of Antique Dolls in Ontario

time capsule house of dolls

This property is located along a back road. The house is very much a time capsule house, in that everything is left as it would have been when someone was living there. There’s some water damage to the roof and some items have been tossed about but the damage is minimal.The power still works, which is always puzzling as someone presumably pays the bill. The kitchen still has canned goods and the fridge, although emitting a horrendous foul odor has what looks like fresh meat inside. The living room has items tossed about but the cabinets are where the real…

Thames Centre Time Capsule

thames centre time capsule house

This house was simply wonderful to explore. The first thing you notice when you approach the house, is the smell. It stinks of rotting garbage outside. Inside the house, the air is easier to breathe. There’s an accumulation of black mold however, starting to grow in the rear kitchen area.The kitchen is filled with canned food and utensils. The bedrooms are completely made up. In the master bedroom you’ll find hundreds of photos, many of them of flowers that used to be in the garden. An old Singer sewing machine was discovered in one of the upper rooms. It disappeared…

Time Capsule House of Antique Singer Sewing Machines

This house is situated up a long driveway and is out of view from the road. The land is used for farming purposes but the house itself has remained untouched for many years. I’m going to suggest that it was a seasonally used property rather than a home.The last few years have seen the ceiling start to fall down. On a piano sits a photo of an older man and who is likely his grandson. Have the occupants passed away? There’s been no signs of life in this cottage for several years now. Fortunately most of the belingings are still…