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The Ontario Abandoned $6 Million Doctor’s Mansion


This property was once owned by Doctor Frank Van Bork. Frank and his wife Elisa came to Canada from Holland during the 1950’s. They settled down in Southern Ontario and started a family of three children. Frank ran a successful business that sold specialty lighting. His wife, Elisa, assisted him with the business which operated…

Desert Oasis Abandoned Ontario House

Desert Oasis Abandoned Ontario House

A vacant house in Southern Ontario with a mural of a desert scene painted in the dining room. There’s a large sun room in the back that overlooks the backyard in-ground pool. There’s no vandalism here, just some signs that the property may be used as an occasional drinking site.

Mick Jagger Mansion (North York)


This lovely home is located in Southern Ontario. As we approached it, we found the front door wide open, which is how many horror movies begin. The house has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, and as you can see working electricity. The front yard contained children’s bicycles and at one point a sandbox, which has…

1960’s Show – Abandoned Ontario Retro Bungalow

That'sShow AbandonedRetroBungalowinOntario

This home is located in a populated area of the GTA in Ontario. It’s situated in an area of new development and so the property is gold for developers. It currently sits in limbo with plans for a school to be constructed on the land. The house has had the same owners for over 40…

Abandoned Black Staircase House in Toronto, Ontario

Black Staircase Mansion Ontario Abandoned

This house is another of the dozens of Toronto area properties that developers plan to demolish and construct new housing upon. The house is four bedrooms and bathrooms and was built in 1972. An addition to the house was constructed in 1983. Inside the front entrance is a large spiral staircase and an eighteen foot…

Jukebox Hero (Abandoned Ontario retro house with pool)


February 2021 update : This property is now LIVED IN. Please don’t go there.When my exploring companion and I first pulled into the driveway of this location, we weren’t sure that we had the right property. For one thing it looked like a farm not a house. There was farm equipment parked on the grounds,…

Abandoned Christian School House Toronto

This home was built in 1979. It’s listed for sale in the Toronto area for $5,500,000. The house has three garages and in the back of the property, a tennis court and tree house. The home doesn’t have much appeal as a place you’d want to live, which is because the last use was as…

The Titanic Staircase Mansion

Abandoned Ontario Titanic Staircase Mansion

This two and a half acre home belonged to Natalie Wong, a specialized dentist and her pediatrician husband from Toronto. The house was built in 1978 and contains five bedrooms, Titanic-style staircase and skylight with chandelier. There’s a glassed-in pool with diving board in the rear of the house. I’ve often wondered how long it…

Mustang GT House

abandoned mustang gt house ontario

This house was situated in a well-to-do area of Southern Ontario. It was built in the 1960’s and was demolished shortly after these photos were taken. There are a few noteworthy aspects such as the unique bathtub and patterned sink but the real gem is the 2018 Mustang GT found in the garage. I don’t…

The Abandoned Bong Mansion in Burlington, Ontario (Mafia Mansion)

AbandonedOntarioMafiaMansion BongMansion Burlington

This once exquisite waterfront mansion is located  in Aldershot (Burlington). It contains six bedrooms, two living rooms, dinette, sun room, master bedroom, home office and a large indoor pool. the realty price for the property is $4,400,000. It even has a place to park your boat. The name of the mansion might inspire images of…