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Mansions & Luxury | March 26, 2021

George’s $3,000,000 Heritage Farm

The family who built this house emigrated to Canada from England on November 18, 1848. They originally landed in the United States but weren’t welcomed by Americans. They chose to […]

Mansions & Luxury | February 28, 2021

Ogilvie Mansion in Quebec

Helen Johnston was the wife of William Watson Ogilvie. Ogilvie was a successful businessman who had made a fortune in the grain trade with his business, Ogilvie Flour Mills. In […]

Mansions & Luxury | December 4, 2020

$2.7 Million Abandoned House w/Indoor Pool

This house is located not far from the GTA area. It features three garages, four bedrooms, five bathrooms and a basement recreation room with bar area. In the eastern side […]

Mansions & Luxury | December 1, 2020

$5.5 Million Gutted Toronto Mansion

This property was nominated for a Heritage Property Designation in November of 2018. When the property was sold in June of 2019, an application was made to demolish the property […]

Mansions & Luxury | October 21, 2020

Forgotten Mansion of Mold

This property sits near a gated community, hidden away from urban Ontario. I found it’s appearance to be somewhat confusing. It doesn’t look like a home, given the unusual layout […]

Mansions & Luxury | October 18, 2020

Toronto Mansion With Three Kitchens

This property has not one, not two but three kitchens in it. It’s possible that this was a home designed for multiple tenants or family. Some of the features are […]

Mansions & Luxury | September 5, 2020

Hot Tub Time Machine House

Technology is making it easier to find abandoned properties. With Google Satellite view for example, one can scout out remote buildings, overgrown yards and derelict vehicles. This house is an […]

Mansions & Luxury | September 4, 2020

London, Ontario Isolated Farm House

This location was discovered in London, Ontario by an explorer named Finz who posted photos of it in 2014. At the time, the house had been hidden away in a […]

Mansions & Luxury | August 28, 2020

Beautiful Country Living House

This house was built by a family who moved to the area shortly after the American Revolution (they were United empire loyalists from New York State). The back part where […]