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$15 Million Toronto Ballroom Mansion


This house has had several owners over the last few decades. Most notably, a woman named Rebecca who came to Canada in 1974 with very little money, not knowing how to speak English and having no job prospect. The StoryRebecca had never been able to make her own decisions. At age 22 she’d never been on a date, had no privacy and had few social interactions. On her last day of medical school she passed by the American embassy who rejected her, so she tried the Canadian embassy on the other side of the street to inquire about becoming an…

Toronto Tudor Mansion

toronto tudor mansion

This large Tudor mansion is located in the Greater Toronto Area. The four bedroom, six bathroom house was built in 1983 in Tudor architectural style. It was last occupied by a family named the Wang’s. Their house still contains many of the family’s possessions such as televisions, VCR’s, books, drones and framed paintings. It’s also been alleged that there were three fur coats which have since ‘disappeared’.A Vaughan property developer purchased the land and surrounding houses with the intention to build fifty new homes. The price range of the homes is estimated to start at $3.4 million. The company’s timeline…

George Unsworth $3,000,000 Heritage Farm

george unsworth house

Giles Gorton Unsworth, his wife Anna, and their nine children emigrated to Canada from England on November 18, 1848. They originally landed in the United States but weren’t welcomed by Americans, who held a low opinion of Britain. The Unsworth’s chose to settle in Ontario, Canada instead.The youngest son Albert was the proprietor of a ‘fancy goods store’ – where gifts and clothing accessories were sold. In 1882 Albert purchased property which had been known as the Long Farm. The land was situated on the northern and southern sides of Plains Road. Albert later purchased a tavern which was relocated…

Ogilvie Mansion in Quebec

Ogilvie Mansion Quebec (Laurentian Manor)

Helen Johnston was the wife of William Watson Ogilvie. Ogilvie was a successful businessman who had made a fortune in the grain trade with his business, Ogilvie Flour Mills. In April 1892, William purchased the 180 acre Sommerville farm. The farm included a half-mile of St.Lawrence shoreline. Today the area is known as Lasalle.William hired well-known Montreal architect A.C. Hutchinson, to plan and build an English-American Queen Anne style mansion on the land facing the rapids, and to distinguish it by using wood instead of stone materials for its structure. Stables and Barns were added to shelter his racing horses…

$2.7 Million Abandoned House w/Indoor Pool

Indoor Pool House Ontario

This house is located not far from the GTA area. It features three garages, four bedrooms, five bathrooms and a basement recreation room with bar area. In the eastern side of the house is an indoor pool area with workout equipment area.The house is modern from ceiling to floor, with an estimated value of $2.7 million dollars.A snowstorm was forecast on the day I visited this house. There was no snow on the ground when I entered this house but by the time time I left, a small layer of snow had begun to accumulate on the ground.The house listings…

$5.5 Million Gutted Toronto Mansion


This property was nominated for a Heritage Property Designation in November of 2018. When the property was sold in June of 2019, an application was made to demolish the property to make room for two new houses. Neighbours were opposed to the demolition, which would destroy mature trees on the property. On July 16, 2020 the Toronto and East York Community Council agreed to include the property in Toronto’s Heritage Register. The property, located in Forest Hill, was originally owned by philanthropist Lady Edith J. Baillie, widow of Sir Frank Baillie, an industrialist who played a significant role in the…

Markham Mansion of Mold

mansion of mold ontario

This property sits near a gated community, hidden away from urban Ontario. I found it’s appearance to be somewhat confusing. It doesn’t look like a home, given the unusual layout of the inside and the industrial doors outside. Is it possible that this was used for something like an art gallery?The most fascinating part of the property is at the very back of it, tucked away past the garage. It’s a complete living area that’s 100% untouched. There’s a huge mold infestation which makes it unlivable. Is this what led to the family fleeing and not taking their possessions?The kitchen…

Toronto Mansion With Three Kitchens

abandoned three kitchen mansion gta toronto

This property has not one, not two but three kitchens in it. It’s possible that this was a home designed for multiple tenants or family. Some of the features are two spiral staircases, skylights and four garages (two at each end of the house).The basement is flooded and not accessible. Several areas of the main floor ceiling have collapsed, suggesting long term water leakage.The property value is $2.1 million and the house was built in 1986. For now, the property remains empty and awaiting possible demolition.

Koffler Scientic Reserve Abandoned Mansion in the Forest

Koffler mansion hidden in the woods

This was the home of Major General Clarence Churchill Mann. Mann purchased 16 farms in an area of Ontario known today as Joker’s Hill. Mann was a World War II soldier who had taken part in the Dieppe raid and invasion of Normandy. He along with his wife consolidated the land into a horse farm that included a race track, barns and pasture area.The property was sold in 1969 to the wealthy Koffler family who owned the popular chain of Shopper’s Drug Mart stores.  They retained noted architect Napier Simpson to expand and remodel the estate house, first built by…

Hot Tub Time Machine House

car garage house

Technology is making it easier to find abandoned properties. With Google Satellite view for example, one can scout out remote buildings, overgrown yards and derelict vehicles. This house is an example of how technology can be used to seek out new places. It stands out from its neighbours with a slightly dirtier driveway and an overgrown tennis court out back. The house has an attached three car garage. Many of the floors are hard wood and the dining room features French doors. In the basement you’ll discover a unique bar, and a hot tub. The electricity works, for now –…