This house is located in rural Ontario just outside of a large city. It’s one of those properties that creates more questions than answers for the curious explorer. In particular, I could find very little information on the last residents and no information on a woman’s passport found in a purse.

Eight of the 20 acres is leased to a farmer.

The house has severe water damage which would seem to indicate that it’s been vacant for quite some time. Several rooms such as the basement and upper bedroom have fallen drywall where water has accumulated. In addition to the water damage, this house has an EXTREME amount of mold growth. It has the most growth I’ve ever experienced in 22 years of exploring.

I started my exploration in the basement. There is mold on the walls, on the piano, on the books in the closet, on the dresser, on the bedframe, everywhere!!!

The basement contains a sliding glass door that opens out into the backyard with a spacious in-ground swimming pool. In the far corner is a bar. Next to the bar is a piano covered with drywall. It was quite dark and smelly down in the basement and I didn’t spend much time looking beyond the main features.

There was a hallway (mold infested) that leads to an office with a shag green carpet and a closet with old books. The books are covered in mold. There’s a laundry room with rusty old washer and dryer, a bedroom with collapsed ceiling and a second bedroom. The second bedroom looks pretty much intact although I didn’t venture into the drawers. 

As for when the house was vacated, it’s difficult to tell. The rotary telephone, carpeting and appliances indidate that very little of the original house was modified. For now, the mystery remains. The main floor features a vibrant red and yellow carpet that extends to the staircase. There’s an illusion that the stairs extend in both directions but that’s because the wall is mirrored glass – in typical 70’s fashion.

The dining room ceiling has collapsed to the floor and the walls are covered with specks of mold. The kitchen has been cleared out with the exception of the cupboards. There’s further water damage here too. Given the extent of the water damage, I’d surmise the house has been vacant for several years. The rooms have a speaker on the wall which served as either an intercom or a radio. As I didn’t see any buttons or dials except what I assume was volume, I’d guess they were to broadcast radio throughout the house.

At one end of the main floor is another patio door. This one allowed you to sit on a deck overlooking the back yard. The house still used rotary telephones which, really comes as no surprise given everything else from the 1970’s. The phone is also covered with mold.

This house is really quite a mystery. As far as I can tell it was built around 1977 and lived in by just one family. The husband was born in 1922 and died in 2001. The wife, I’m not certain about. I believe she is still alive and perhaps has moved into a retirement home. The house had an absence of photos or other identifying information. There’s a chance more information can be found, but I’d have to wear gloves.

August 13, 2022 Revisit – copper has been taken out and the basement is flooded, a stream of water making its way out the back door.