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1970’s Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Time Capsule

Talking Walls Photography

Talking Walls Photography

This location is tucked away among a southern Ontario urban community. It lies behind a set of metal gates and down a long curved driveway. The original purpose remains uncertain. It has the appearance of a luxurious home with it’s large outdoor pool and spacious rooms. At the same time, you notice things such as the the three kitchen stoves, two dishwashers, and industrial electrical transformers in the basement and begin to question if this was a business location.

The property was started in 1975 and completed in 1976. It has 12 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms.

The owner of this property was an Israeli man who passed away on February 4, 2018. He and his wife, owned real estate across Ontario. The company is still in existence today, with one of his children now managing the company.

To add more speculation that this may have been a business, sitting on a bathroom counter top is a congratulatory award for the couple who owned this property, from their “staff”. On a mantle is a “Hospitality Guide” which makes me lean towards this being a weekend getaway. There was also paperwork that mentioned, “The Inn (redacted)”.

When you look at the contents of the house, they don’t seem to fit into the 2018 time frame which is when the man who owned this property passed away. The telephones are rotary, the lighting is florescent tubing, the carpeting and bedding have a distinct 1970’s vibe to them. The wallpaper is something out of Clockwork Orange.

The hydro is still working and you can turn on most lights inside the house. We were able to plug in the 1971 Gottlieb pinball machine and get the backbox to lite up, but the play field remained dark.

As you enter the house from the pool area, there’s a hallway where you can go straight or turn left and right. To the right is a recreation room with a game of Twister on the floor. To the left is a bar area and jacuzzi room. The glass windows look out to the swimming pool area. The pinball machine is also found here. Someone has broken numerous plates on the floor here but there’s no other vandalism.

You can ascend a set of spiral stairs to the main floor. Here there’s a large main area with a staircase to the next floor. There are entrances to the kitchen, and to a living room that looks out over the front of the property. The kitchen and dining areas both connect to a large room with windows almost the height of the walls (see photo with blue walls). I’m not certain the purpose of this room. The kitchen features a butler’s pantry and a spacious spice rack area.

Someone has thrown items off the upper floor down to the floor below, and sprayed the fire extinguisher. Fortunately this is the only vandalism present at this point in time.

The top floor contains the bedrooms which aren’t showing any significantl age. They lack most of the personal items you’d expect to find in a bedroom. Taking a hallway to another section of the top floor is almost like traveling back in time. This is where the bedrooms take on the groovy wallpaper, the floors are shag carpet and the bed frames are of 1970s design. 

The motion sensors light up when you walk past them but the alarm system is inactive.

Thanks so much to Ethan Minnie for sharing this find with me.

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  1. You guys all saw this off of one tik tok that went viral, and now all of you youtubers are heading there. No the place is not abandoned, there is alarms and the owners show up each time you set it off.

  2. To Admin and the owners of this property look i totally understand a sensation like this goes viral. But how big it is inside unfortunately it aint architecturally nice on the outside. Its a mansion that wanted to be commercial, i can see how complex all the heating and air, water systems and the upkeep of legacy systems, the bringing to 2021 standards, costs must be astronomical, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, carpets, paint work dark dingy areas, outdated spa room, sauna, the pool $100s of the $1000s to remodel. But unfortunately when you build a dated 1970s wood burner place like this its time to let go! I been thinking about it decay isnt the only thing that buyers hate its year and years of neglect and all the work they would have to do to bring this old battle-axe to 2021 standards. If the seller does not want to meet the buyers market with their outdated mansion at a reasonable price tag than demolition is the only solution. You gotta also provide accessible means these days like a proper elevator this place is not accessible to the disabled. Thanks for the photos admin and thanks for the owners to allow this to be a sensation but its time to let go of this girl.

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